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PHOENIX PARK | Custom Builder | Home Design | Real Estate Development

Phoenix Park LLC is comprised of several divisions including custom home building, modern home design, and real estate development. Located between the Atlantic Ocean and the Intracoastal Waterway in Melbourne Beach FL they are experts in riverfront and coastal construction disciplines including environmental barriers, extreme climate variables, and construction of oceanfront homes. Dan Winkler, the founder of Phoenix Park, has over 30 years of commercial development, condominium construction, and residential home building experience in Central Florida and has stayed ahead of Florida home trends in creativity, durability, and style in the luxury home industry.


One of the most important challenges for any real estate developer is matching the new home community amenities within the development to the lifestyle of new home buyers and future residents. Building sustainable growth plans around solid infrastructure and long-term environmental considerations take time and years of construction experience to master. Phoenix Park’s team of new home designers, architects, and construction teams have the experience needed to build your dream home in Melbourne Beach.

Boating, fishing, beaching, surfing, sailing, tennis, golf, hiking, biking, and walking is what life is all about on the Central Florida beaches. Our team is mindful of the beach lifestyle activities and design our homes and new home developments around practical access to the activities and access necessary to enjoy life on this beautiful barrier island.


Dan Winkler credits his inspiration from the creative use of space, light, and contemporary technology used by the architects on the Pacific, European and Mediterranean coastlines. From Dan’s viewpoint, these homes are eye-catching, designed for everyday living, and built to withstand the harsh elements and inclement weather inherent to the local environment.

Over the past 30+ years Dan has adopted many of these same principles above and applied them to each project he has embraced up and down the coast of Central Florida. Each and every residence has a unique feeling that evokes quality construction and an intuitive feeling for the inhabitants’ local way of day-to-day life.


Staying ahead of contemporaries has always been the goal. Dan continually studies the wants and needs of his market – and understands the features that work for some people… don’t always work for others. Beachfront residents have a unique set of needs compared to Riverfront enthusiasts, compared to Golf Course community dwellers, compared to people who want to be surrounded by an acre or two of land and natural surroundings.

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